Kindling Moon

“Do’meen, Tri’vaar.” Translated as “Greetings, Traveler” in the old Tangian language, this phrase was spoken whenever two travelers crossed paths in the desert, each hoping the other meant no ill intent. In the sky overhead, the moon kindles brightly anew.

A Desert Fantasy…

Tulhara is a world emerging from an apocalypse, a sparsely populated realm becoming habitable once again after untold fadings of the moon. The breeds have not forgotten the treachery of the Divinities, but remnants of the power they once abused is believed to still exist in secret places.

… of Altered Reality.

Hunted for the powers they possess but cannot wield for themselves, Wishmakers are pressed into servitude to provide for the whims of their masters. Discover one to bargain with and a world all your own may be within your grasp… for all the while it lasts.